About Supersets

Established in 2005 by Steve Patterson, Supersets is a scenery company that constructs sets for TV, film, commercials, promos and special commission projects.

We have two state of the art workshops close to central London – amounting to over 14,000 sq. ft. of build and paint space. 

We have been called to work all over the world, as well as in studios in the UK. We have installed in a range of locations, from tower blocks to royal households, with a long list of credits amassed over a short period, showing our rapid recognition within the industry.

We have a skilled team of project managers, construction managers and construction coordinators, whose years of experience, mean projects run smoothly and efficiently in what is a very time sensitive industry. Design teams are often encouraged to work from our offices to have easy input into their sets during the construction and painting process.

Here at Supersets we cover:


As a company, we not only care about every project we work on to the tiniest detail, but we also care about the environment. We dispose of our waste wood materials in a clean air wood burner, which then heats our building. Along with our clear roof, which eliminates the need for daytime lights, we have managed to cut our energy usage significantly. We also try to repurpose as much scenery as possible by donating unusable pieces to local people, businesses, art and theatre groups.

We construct one offs and run large studio builds with equal dedication – we like to think we have gained our good reputation so quickly in the industry by doing just that. We are just really good at making stuff! 


About Steve

With windswept chest hair and a penchant for pointing, Steve Patterson is a construction manager specialized in the film and television industry. Driven by creativity and a love to build things really well, he takes pride in providing the best sets possible and with a sense of fun. He has been recognised at some point by someone for his extraordinary commitment to set building. 

Steve does not work alone, he has many a James – coordinators and project managers all, and a lovely office team to help him. Outside of work, Steve enjoys rock climbing, kayaking, adventures and keeping fit.

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